Asset Allocation: When Conventional Wisdom Fails

CFA Society Switzerland
09.11.2021 - 09.11.2021
6300 Zug
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Finanzwirtschaft Is diversification a flawed concept? Should you always play it safe with your retirement savings? What’s your most important investment decision? Can we forecast the future in capital markets? This presentation will dispel myths in asset allocation. Sebastien Page’s book, Beyond Diversification, relies on over 200 academic papers, investment insights from his colleagues, his 20+ years of experience in investment management, and wisdom from his father. In addition to addressing some of the big questions in asset allocation, Sebastien will discuss the current investment environment. He will address the impact of low interest rates, and whether the 60/40 portfolio is “dead”. In this session, you will learn: * How to forecast returns and risks in capital markets * How to make better asset allocation decisions * How to evaluate risks to increase your odds of success in investing
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