What’s New in the EU Swiss Relationship

CFA Society Switzerland
20.01.2022 - 20.01.2022
8008 Zurich
Fachseminar, -referat oder -kongress
  • Englisch
Take a look at EU/Swiss Financial Services Relationship. We will be discussing: • Brexit reframed the EU’s approach to important markets outside the EU; what have been the consequences for Switzerland? • Is there still question of a harmonized approach to equivalence? What is the new normal? • Sustainability is a global concern, the EU is proving to advance and be a sandbox for other legislators; what are the challenges for companies across the EU/Swiss border? • The EU has been struggling to handle x border investments within the EU capital markets, SRD II sought to better plumbing on voting, what does it imply for Swiss investors?
  • Compliance
  • Finanzwirtschaft
  • Risk- und Portfolio Management
  • Steuern
  • Wealth Management
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